Meet Our Beauties

​​Brooke Brown VanClief,
Licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist 


Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen. My love for all things makeup and beauty has propelled me into the Permanent Makeup Industry in 2016. Eyebrows being the most essential part of your makeup routine and the core feature on your face, I sought after the most accredited & highly trained instructors to began my PMU career focusing on the essential brow first. Over the years, after 100's of training hours, lots of traveling, dozens of certifications I am proud to offer not only the BEST Ombre Brows in Hampton Roads but additionally, Lip Blush, Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Permanent Eyeliner, Stretch Mark Camouflage and more!   


Our Studio Offers a variety of Beauty Services, Come Stop By!

Lillian Tellis,
Assistant to Brooke,
Eyelash Extension Artist


I have been into beauty, fashion and glam my entire life. Once the opportunity came for Brooke to branch out it was only right that I step in and fulfill the role. Once submersed into the beauty industry my natural love for eyelash extensions became my passionate career. I was and continue to be personally trained by Brooke, she guarantees that my work is perfection and I wouldn't have it any other way. Whether its a natural set or run way carpet, come be apart of our Lash Tribe! 

I handle all of Brooke's affairs, need to reschedule, last minute appointment or just have a question? Call or Text 757-800-1528.

Kayla Almendarez,
Makeup Artist,
Brow Wax & Tint


Hey beautiful! I am Kayla Almendarez, but I’m more widely known as Kaye (as in I.D.Kaye).  Makeup artistry is a journey I started back in 2013 as a new and exciting artistic outlet. It was and still is my passion to learn everything about this industry.   


Since then I’ve honed my skills and perfected techniques all along the way. Things shifted from being more than a skill, it became my passion. Makeup evolved into an escape and personal happy place. It brought me joy on my less than beautiful days. A brilliant beat can lift the heaviest moods!


In 2019 I realized my gift was something that needed to be shared. My aim is to share the joy I experience while making my clients feel as gorgeous as they naturally are. I also empower my clients to become their own artist by giving them the lessons and confidence to perfect their own beat!  


I’ll help you find your new favorite feature to highlight. You’ve already got it sis!  Watch me amplify what nature already perfected.