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Book this service for the most natural brow service. Microblading is a technique that is applied to mimic hair like strokes. This service works best for those with medium to dry skin. Oily skin type is not suited and will not last the desired time.

Microblading last UP TO 18 months and has a healing period of 10-14 Days. 


Ombre powder brows 

Ombre Powder Brows is the best solution to Semi Permanent brows. If you fill in your brows every day this is the service or you. Ombre Powder Brows last up to 3 years depending on your skin, the maintenance of your skin and lifestyle. Ombre is less evasive than Microblading. This option is our favorite for all skin types. Initially Ombre can look darker than you'd like but it will lighten by 30% within the 7-10 day healing period.

Book Ombre Powder Brows Today!



Eyelash Extensions

Visit our Lash Bar and you will be addicted! We offer a wide range of eyelash extension styles from the most natural to MEGA Volume. Our lash technicians specialize in creating custom looks for your eye and facial features. 

Classic, Hybrid, Spike (featured), Volume, Mega Volume. Colored Lashes Upon Request



LIp blushing

Want a more permanent lip tint? Lip Blushing service provides a extra color tint to the lips that makes your smile shine a bit brighter. You can use the service to enhance the shape of your lips and give a bit more volume. 

Lip Blush requires you to drink plenty of water 2 days before service, moisturize your lips excessively for 48 hours and follow all precare instructions.


Scalp micropigmentation (smp)

Scalp Micropigmentation or better know as SMP is a new service offered to give the appearance of pigmented scalp. This service is often helpful to those that experience male or female pattern baldness. Alopecia, Hair Loss, Shedding, Receding Hairline, Beard Gaps, Beard Enhancements.


This Service Requires a Consultation 



permanent eyeliner

Are you sick of drawing on your eyeliner everyday? Let's fix that today! We offer both top, bottom and wing eyeliner options. We will customize the thickness of your eyeliner to your needs. 

Permanent liner last up to 5 years. 

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